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VAT percentages


Normally we don’t use VAT percentages in SRXP. This is because this feature is setup for users and they will be able to select the different VAT percentages themselves. Your colleagues probably don’t have any clue on what percentage to select.

If you do want to setup VAT percentages for your colleagues you can just add them by clicking the ‘New VAT percentage’ button. Removing can be done by selecting the VAT percentage and clicking the ‘Delete icon’.

The following columns are available:

  • ‘Code’ is used for export purposes. When users select a certain VAT percentage they can’t see this code but it’s possible to export this value when connecting your financial software
  • ‘Percentage’ is used for the percentage of the nett amount that someone enters. The employee will see a list of percentages and this value is available for export to your financial system.
  • ‘Description’ can be used to indicate to users how to use it or to differentiate two of the same percentages.
  • ‘Free Field V1’ could be used to fill and export to your financial system.

If you add VAT percentages they will be available for all employees when they upload a receipt. In the mobile app, your colleagues can choose a VAT percentage by clicking on the amount label. This will bring them to a page where they can even split the amount of a receipt in different categories and VAT percentages. This typically can be helpful in case of a hotel bill where lodging, as well as breakfast, is added with different VAT percentages.