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ADFS - Troubleshooting SAML connection

When something goes wrong during the implementation of a SAML connection between ADFS and SRXP, ADFS’s Error Log will give us the most comprehensive information to troubleshoot it. To access the Error Log, follow the following steps:

1. Opening the Event Viewer

Log into your ADFS server > go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. If you do not see the Administrative Tools option, try switching the view to "Small Icons" on the top-right corner of the screen.

1. ADFS_Troubleshooting

2. ADFS_Troubleshooting

2. Finding the SAML error messages

Once inside the Event Viewer, you will need to find the directory tree located on the left panel (see image below) and go to Application and Services Logs > ADFS > Admin. Please keep in mind that the wording of these sections might change depending on your set-up.

3. ADFS_Troubleshooting

To filter the results, use the Find tool that you will find on the right panel to search for logs containing keywords like "SAML" or "portal.srxp.com" to match our service's SAML entity ID.  

Then, click on an Error log entry to see more information about the specific issue affecting the SAML connection between ADFS and SRXP. Having these error logs, troubleshooting should be fairly straightforward.

4. ADFS_Troubleshooting