Trips for requester

You can notice that you are a requester if the Request section is available on the top row of your screen

From this section, you can see the overview of all requested trips and you can ask for a new trip, by clicking on + New trip.

                                       Requesting a trip

A trip overlay opens and you can start completing your trip information:

You must complete all the information below:

After setting-up your destination, a visualization of your trip will appear on the map.

Note that when entering the departure and arrival city, it automatically completes the return line.

Below the map, you can provide additional information regarding the necessities during your trip. You can select between the following requirements :

                                                   Flight(s) - Hotel(s) - Rental car(s)

You can also select if an advance payment is needed for the trip.
Once all details are selected, you can Request the trip.

                               Declaring trip expenses

Once your trip is approved, you will be able to connect your expenses to this trip. On the screen shot below, you can see that a trip line should now be available on your expense. Select the appropriate trip linked to your expense. 

Assigning expenses to trips, will allow you to have an overview of your trip expenses. Back on the request interface, if you click on your accepted trip, you can see the expenses you tagged with the trip.  It automatically calculate if you are within budget for this trip or if you spent too much. 

Tips: if you want to regroup all of your expenses within one report, you can do it by clicking on one button! + Trip to report
All expenses linked to this trip in the expenses inbox will be merged into one report. 

                                           Closing a trip

Once you declared all of your expenses and you submitted all reports, you can close your trip. Check with your administrator if automatic closing is in place, it may be possible that your trip will automatically closed after a specific number of days after your return. It is therefore important that you declare your expenses before the closure of the trip.