Trips for administrator

Setting up the trip

First you should prepare the company account by performing 2 actions:

1 - Creating Trip Types

From the administrator panel, you will now have access to the Trip types in the Expense settings section.
You need to create at least one trip type to allow your user to request trips.
The trip type allow you to flag the kind of trips allowed.

2 - Set Requester rights

On the user page, you now have a new column called Req. By selecting it, you are granting this user the right to request a trip. This user will see a new top section called Request.

Controlling the trip requests

Once your users are requesting trips, you can control their requests via the 'all trips' overview.
In this section, you can check who asked for a trip, including the destination, the budget and the dates.

As an administrator, you can click on a specific report and see all the details of the request. You can delete a trip, close it or cancel it if the trip did not started.