Flagging expenses

Allow approvers to flag individual expenses when rejecting reports, providing this way more accurate feedback to submitters

The new Expense status setting allows approvers to flag individual expenses when reviewing reports, allowing submitters to more easily correct expenses and resubmit their rejected reports.

In addition, when the rejected report is resubmitted after being modified by the declarant, the approver will see the expenses categorized as:

  • Not checked: previously flagged expenses that required correction.
  • Checked: previously approved expenses. 

This way, approvers will be able to more easily identify which expenses require their attention, without having to go through all expenses.

gif-expense-flaggingIf you are an SRXP admin and would like to activate this feature for your company environment, please go to https://portal.srxp.com/#/company_profile/settings/report and enable the Expense status switch.