Exact Online Troubleshooting

Error Message: Onderwerp [GLTransactions] De boeking is niet in evenwicht op: [date] (Type: Inkoopboeking) – Verschil: EUR <amount>

Cause: This error means that on a specific date, the amount is not in balance.  This problem can be that
(1.) the export format value is not compatible with Exact or
the VAT code is not correct. Some of the expenses that the user was trying to export had VAT on expenses with a foreign currency. These expenses were booked with VAT originally, but clients should not book VAT for expenses from foreign countries or
(3.) individual expenses are booked on the date of the expense given by the declarant,  while the counter booking that ensures the balance is booked on another date, such as the booking date of the report and in your settings in Exact this is not allowed.

Solution: The solution for (1.) is simply to check if the value in the export format in the SRXP account is set on 1,234.56. Here, it is important to notice that the cents value needs to be separated by a point. Click on the drop-down arrow and select another format.
(2.) The general solution here is that the mismatch of used VAT codes needs to be solved. Either Exact Online expects that VAT is booked with a certain percentages of VAT (they base that on the VAT code), the wrong VAT code is used in the actual export. You can change the VAT code in SRXP or change the restriction that are enforced in Exact Online. To change the VAT code, confirm which field is used as the VAT code in the export format settings and make sure this is the right one in exact online. If the code is correct, check if percentage of VAT booked on the expense matches the settings in Exact Online. Make sure that the settings of the VAT in Exact Online are the same as the settings in the export format of SRXP for the expense amount (always including VAT).
To solve the in balance caused by the difference in date, change the booking date of expenses. This can be done in SRXP at the export format settings for your Exact Online connection. At the expense level, you can select the report submit date as date of the expense.


Error Message: GLTransaction FinancialTransaction Verplicht: Relatie

Cause: No Creditor Code was exported (Account tag in the XML) was selected, so the Account information in the export file is missing. It depends if the expense that is exported has the a payment method type of ‘no reimbursement’ or ‘to pay’. In that case we export the Creditor code ‘no reimbursement’ or ‘to pay’, this field is empty by default. The reason for this is this allows customers to book expenses with different types of payment methods to different a different creditor. Please note that if you want to book these expenses to the same creditor, you should update the “Reference field”, also visible in the screenshot below. You can select ‘Report ID + SRXP + Payment method code’. This prevents errors like: “Duplicate booking“.

Solution: Please fill the field Credit code 'no reimbursement' or 'to pay' into the right creditor code for these bookings


We advice to make one creditor code for creditcards in Exact Online which you can use for all transactions.

Error Message
: Onderwerp [GLTransactions] Bestaat reeds: Relatie (Jon Doe) + Uw ref. (SRXP123456)

Cause: There can be two possible causes for this problem,
(1.) you simply already exported this report

(2.) that you have the same Creditor code selected for expenses with payment method types ‘no reimbursement or to pay’ and for expenses with other types of payment methods.

Solution: The solution for (1.) is simply to check if this is a correct booking and in case you want to test this again, you can delete the booking in Exact Online. 
(2.) Select a different Reference. We group expenses on Reports and Payment method codes therefore you have the choice to book expenses with different payment method codes on different creditor Accounts (a common pattern). But this means it depends on the choice of the client, so ask if:

  1. Do you want to book expenses on different creditor codes based on the payment method type?  -> Change the field Creditor code ‘no reimbursement or to pay’ to a different code than Creditor Code.
  2. Or do you want to book them on the same creditor? -> Change the Reference “Report ID + SRXP + Payment method code” to make sure you book the expenses with a different Reference to prevent duplicate expenses.

Error Message
: Topic [GLTransactions] Not allowed: VAT code

Cause: Some of the GLAccount that is referenced per expense, allows VAT to be booked.

Solution: Make sure that the GLAccount that you reference per expense allows VAT to be booked. Go to your exact online portal and check if you have the right GLAccount selected. Note that by default we export “Expense Category Code” , this requires you to check that categories of the expense are correct, or that the code of the categories are correct. Go to SRXP portal and select check your categories overview. Make sure you followed all steps on how to setup the Exact Online where we describe how to setup categories.


Error Message: custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Unknown: Financial year (Period-date table)

Cause: The Financial year that is that is exported is not yet available as book year in Exact Online.

Solution: Add the new financial year in Exact Online. Master data > Period-date table -> New. Check the export file and confirm that the Date field is in the format of “YYYY-mm-dd”. Exact Online only supports this exact date format. Other formats will not be able to be exported. 


Error Message: custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Not found:Account ( XXXX) - G/L Account: Purchase

Cause:  The GL of the expense is not recognized in Exact

Solution: Check the XML file if the GL is correctly exported. If not, adjust the export in SRXP. If it is exported but not recognized in Exact, you need to enable this GL for this supplier. 

In Exact go to supplier overview > select the supplier > click on edit > click on the search button at G/L Account: Purchase and add the new GL.

Error Message:
 custom,Project Verplicht: Type

Cause: There is been exported a project, but Exact Online does not recognize the project.  

Solution: Make sure you created the project names and associated codes in both SRXP and Exact Online. In Exact Online, be sure that you saved them as projects.

Error Message:  
custom,Update not allowed (topic = 'Account')

Cause: The user creating the entry is not allowed to do so.

Solution: The user which is used to connect Exact Online to SRXP does not have the right to manage Customer Account. You need to make sure that this user has Manage accounts selected in his rights.

Error Message:
custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Invalid reference: Terms

Cause: This error only appears when using the module USA, the payment conditions equals the terms, it means that there is a problem with the payment methods

Solution: Check the payment method codes, and make sure that the codes in SRXP are mirroring the one in Exact Online. 

Error Message: custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Verplicht: Relatie
custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Mandatory: Account

Cause: The link between the journal and the GL to export is not compatible with the creditor number (the supplier number).

Solution: You should check two things:
1.) Check that the value you export as creditor number is listed as a supplier (Leverancier), not only as a customer (Klant) in Exact Online
2.) Check the Journal number to which you are exporting, we advice to export to the Purchase book (Inkoop), please check which G/L Account is associated to this Journal and make sure that the value is also in SRXP


Error Message: custom,Invalid combination: Period - Date; Period: [X], Date: [Date] custom,Ongeldige combinatie: Periode - Datum; Periode: [X], Datum: [Date]

Cause: This error is actually a warning, all expenses should be correctly exported when you see this error. Please look if a black code is written below this message and you can look if the booking was successfully done.
The warning concerns the incoherence between the report date and the dates of the expenses. It is likely possible that there is a month difference between the report and expenses. 

Solution: If you do not want to modify the date of the due date, please keep monitoring that all expenses are correctly exported. Otherwise, you can set all dates as Submit Report Date, but this will mean that the date of the expenses will always be the same as for the report.

Error Message: custom,Onderwerp [GLTransactions] Ongeldige referentie: Betalingsconditie 

Cause: The payment condition is invalid or unknown. 

Solution: Check the payment condition code of the payment method type in Exact and SRXP. Go to  Admin --> Expense settings -->Payment methods > Column 'Code'. Make sure the right code is filled in. You can find this in Exact at the Payment Conditions (Betalingstermijn). For Cash most common code is 07 and for Credit Card 00. These code can differ per company!

Error Message:  Custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Mandatory: Journal

Cause: The journalcode is missing

Solution: Check the export format and fill in the correct journalcode at column 'Journal'

Error Message:
custom,Topic [GLTransactions] Period is closed: xx-xx

Cause: The period is already closed in Exact Online

Solution: Open the period to book the report or change the booking date from the report. See the following article

Error Message:  custom,Onderwerp [GLTransactions] Gegevens niet aangemaakt

Cause: Information you try to export from SRXP is not recognized in Exact Online

Solution: Make sure the information (users, GL accounts etc) are the same in Exact Online and SRXP. Double check if the cost center is included!

Error Message: Invalid Division

Cause: When connecting SRXP to Exact Online, you chose to connect SRXP to one division (administration), this is not being recognized

Solution: Go to Exact Online --> Top left Company Code --> Import/Export
go to 'App permissions' 
Select the SRXP Expense permissions and Revoke:

Go back to SRXP and connect again. Connect to All current and future Administrations