Exact Online connection

The following document is intended to help administrators of SRXP in order to set up their SRXP account so expenses and reports can be exported to the Exact Online Environment.

General information and how to request the connection can be found on our homepage.

The document is structured with the following chapters, based on the best practices process on how to set the connection up. Step 1 contains the initial setup of the connection. The connection comes with a predefined set of defaults that supports the most common processes. Therefore only a few customizations need to be done in the connection itself , you find the instructions in Step 2. Afterwards, some adjustments in the account itself need to be done, for those please see Step 3. Step 4 contains an example export to see how a successful export looks like. For advanced settings and changing the default mappings, please see Step 5.

Disclaimer: This document is a guideline using a “dummy” Exact Online environment to illustrate the settings. For your own setup, please use the data of your own Exact Online environment. Screenshots might slightly differ from the real environment due to ongoing development in the application. The screenshots will only be updated when major process changes have been made.

Step 1: Getting the connection

Ask SRXP to make the connection available. To do so, you can simply send an email to support@srxp.com or give us a call. You can also request it on our homepage. When you read this document, you probably did this step already and received this document afterwards. We can therefore go to Step 2.


Step 2: Setting up the connection

Once the connection is available for you, you can find it by going to the admin → Connections --> Export formats. Here, click the little ‘eye’ symbol on the right side to see the details.

You will find the following overlay when clicking the eye symbol.

Select the country of your Exact Online and Click the ‘Connect with Exact Online’ button to link your SRXP and Exact Online account. Fill in you username and password and click on 'Login'.

Fill in the verification code that has been send to your telephone

Now you will get the option to which Administration you would like to connect SRXP. Please select: All current and future Administrations

You will define the right Administration in the Export format in SRXP.

Now there are three fields that need to be filled in after you made the connection:

Company code: This is the code you find in the top left corner of your Exact Online environment where you want to create the bookings:

By default, we export to the purchase journal, and treat the employees of SRXP as suppliers in Exact Online. Those settings can be found in the beginning of the second part of the settings. The default journal code is 60, and the default G/L Account for the suppliers is 1600.

Step 3: Setting up SRXP

Categories: The categories in SRXP should match the G/L Accounts in Exact Online.
From Exact: Master Data > Overview > G/L Accounts, select only the one, which are relevant to include in SRXP.
Copy them into SRXP, from the admin panel > categories.

VAT codes: The VAT codes in SRXP should match the VAT codes in Exact Online. Therefore please fill the VAT codes from Exact into the Category Code in SRXP, you find them in the admin → VAT percentages page.

Payment Methods: The payment methods in SRXP should match the payment conditions in Exact Online. Therefore please fill the payment conditions from Exact into the payment methods in SRXP, you find them in the admin → payment methods page.

Users: If you book on the purchase journal, your employees need to be set up as creditors in Exact Online. The creditor number from Exact needs to be known in SRXP. The easiest way to store it is in the field Employee/creditor number. You find them in the admin → users page, clicking the eye symbol for the user you want to set up as creditor.

Projects, cost centres, cost units and other fields: All fields that should be used in Exact have to be available within SRXP. For projects, please use the projects feature or SRXP. For other fields, please feel free to set up your SRXP account as you need. If you have questions about best practices, please get in touch with our support team at support@srxp.com


Step 4: Exporting and checking the result

After you created and approved a report (check the getting started guide for this), you will see the report in the export page. Here, select the report as “ready for export”.

The report will be available in the Ready for export step. Here, without selecting it, click export to and select the exact online export format.

After a successful export, you will see the booking number that was created in Exact back in SRXP:

Go to your Exact Online environment and check if the booking was correct.

Here you now find all the information we set up in SRXP in the created booking.