AFAS Profit connection

The following document is intended to help administrators of SRXP configure their SRXP account so that expenses and reports can be exported to AFAS.

General information and how to request the connection can be found on our homepage.

Follow the chapters for a complete walk-through of how to setup the connection.

Disclaimer: This document is a guideline using a “dummy” AFAS environment to illustrate the settings. For your own setup, please use the data of your own AFAS environment. Screenshots might slightly differ from the real environment due to ongoing development in the application. The screenshots will only be updated when major process changes have been made.

Step 1: Getting the connection

Ask SRXP to make the connection available. To do so, you can simply send an email to or give us a call. You can also request it on our homepage. When you read this document, you probably did this step already and received this document afterwards. We can therefore go to Step 2.

Step 2: Setting up the environment ID

Once the connection is available for you, you can find it by going to the admin → export format page. Here, click the little ‘eye’ symbol on the right side to see the details.

You will find the following overlay when clicking the eye symbol.

The settings to connect your SRXP account with your AFAS system is made from the section AFAS direct connection.

The environment ID and the token will be requested to connect.

Environment ID: This is the unique ID of your AFAS. In AFAS, it can be found as follow:

  • General > Environment > Open

The pop-up gives the environment code, copy the code in the section Environment ID

Step 3: Setting up the token

Collect the token:  To collect the token, there are some extra steps to perform first.

We first need to create a new connector from AFAS.  From your AFAS system, you can create it with the following steps:

  • General > Management  > App Connector

  • On the pop-up, click on New
  • Provide a description to this connection (example: SRXP)
  • Select a user group – Be aware that the group selected must have employees within the group as we need to gather the token from a user.

Once the new connection has been created, you have access to the App connector properties. You first need to make sure that the general connection is not blocked. (It should not be ticked)

Attention, the environment key is not the token!

We can trigger the token by performing the following steps:

  • Click on update connectors & New
  • Select FiEntries 
  • Then, click on User tokens & New
  • You need to select a user and give a description to the token

Be aware that the token will appear only once; make sure to save the token when it is available. Just to be sure, copy the all token into another sheet until the all connection has been completed.

  • Click on Next and the token will be displayed. Only the values between <data> & </data> is the valid token.

  • Copy it in your SRXP platform (open the token field, by clicking on change token) Please use Google Chrome to set up the connection

  • SAVE it.
  • And click on finish in your AFAS system to store the token, once you have a user token with token provided, it means that the token has been saved in the AFAS system and you are ready to try the connection.

Step 4: Connect

On SRXP, click on the lock Test Connection. It should connect automatically.

(If it does not connect, try to paste again the token and save it. If you still have issue you can try to re-generate a token)

Settings overlay

When you open the export format, you will see this overlay:

Setting                                      Type                  Explanation
Name                                        Input field       Name of the export format
Currency: Euro (EUR)            Dropdown      Export Currency
Mark exported reports          Flag                  Steers if the status of a report gets changed
as processed                                                       to 'processed' after an export

AFAS connection details

Setting                                            Type                     Explanation
AFAS offline                              flag                       Enables offline connection
Hostname                                 input field           Only for offline: location of the host
                                                                                       (IP or URL)
Port                                             input field           Only for offline: Port forwarded
Change token                           flag                        Enables to change your token
Token                                          input field            User token from AFAS, see 

Environment ID                    input field            AFAS environment ID, can be found
                                                                                     in the admin user


AFAS export settings for Module Finance

Expense values

Flexible mapping

Invoice ID
The invoice ID needs to be unique within AFAS to prevent double entries. The invoice ID is therefore created by us and not available as a setting.

For “Booking per report” the invoice ID is: Report ID + Payment method code

For “Booking per expense” the invoice ID is: Expense ID + Payment method code + subamount#

Purchase vs Memorial
dependinhave to be tested on the same account, make sure that the type matches the number:

The structure of the XML is the same for both Purchase and Memorial. What changes is the tag <VaAs>:

  • For Purchase bookings, one Element with <VaAs>3<VaAs> is booked (on the creditor) and several <VaAs>1<VaAs> are booked (on the GL account)
  • For Memorial bookings, all Elements have <VaAs>1<VaAs>, as there is no Vendor/creditor involved in the process.

For testing When changing the journal type for our setup:
Type: Purchase, Code: 10, Creditor Number 60751 (the creditor number is from the user and has to be changed in the mapping below)
Type: Memorial, Code: 80, Creditor Number 0100 (the creditor number is from the user and has to be changed in the mapping below)
Category code for Purchase Bookings: 4400
Category code for Memorial  Bookings: 0200
Tax codes: 6 = 0%, 5=6%, 4=21%


AFAS export settings for Module HR

Export values

Flexible mapping

XML specs: HR

For testing
Employee: WIDLERS (needs to be maintained for the User and mapped in the settings)
Category code for Timesheet: 70
Category code for Receipt : 912