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Managing job titles

Job titles

Job titles are a way for you to group your colleagues. These groups can then be connected to categories and payment methods so that you can switch on and off certain categories for certain groups of users.

A great example could be here that you might have employees with a lease car that are not allowed to upload mileage expenses but may be allowed to upload petrol or diesel receipts and parking tickets. On the other side however, users that do not have a lease car might not be able to upload those gas and parking tickets but do need to be able to upload mileage expenses by calculating the route and multiplying that with their mileage fee.

Job titles can be edited through the admin page via the ‘Wheel’ icon and clicking the ‘job titles’ page. On this page you can find the following columns:

  • ‘Code’ can be used for connecting the job title to your financial system.
  • Job title’ is the field where you enter the name that will be available in the list that you connect to a user.
  • ‘Eye’ icon will lead you to the overlay where you can setup the mileage fee for that specific group of users (=job title) and setup which categories and payment methods are allowed and refused.