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Imports overview

SRXP provides you an overview with the statuses of your imports. You can monitor and check the files you imported in the system.

The imports overview page can be found by hovering the ‘Wheel’ icon in the top right of your screen and clicking ‘Imports’. On this page you find a table with the following columns:

  • 'ID' is used as a unique import ID. This ID is automatically generated and used as a reference for SRXP. 
  • 'Type' is the name of the resource you imported. For each kind of import a new line will appear in the table. It allows you to always be aware of the kind of resources you imported.
  • 'Filename' displays the name of the file you imported. You can import multiple time a file with the same name.
  • 'Status' gives you an update on the current stage of the file import. Three statuses are available: Pending, Success and Failed. The Failed status is underlined and displayed in Red. You can click on it to know the details of the failure. 
  • 'Created' shows the date of the import. It allows you to always trace back when you imported a file. 
  • 'Download' allows you to download the file you imported and to check the information within the file. 

Note:  The import overview only shows the CSV you imported. You cannot see the imports of other administrators within your organization.