How to make sure that credit card reports won't include single receipts?

You are processing credit card statements but don't want to have cash expenses included in these reports.

In SRXP you can easily process credit card statements and their receipts. Normally, by making use of our credit card feature, a report will be created per statement period per credit card. It will consists of all the credit card expenses of the concerned period.

Sometimes other expenses (single receipts or other expense types) could be (wrongly) added by the submitter to the credit card statement. This could be due to two reasons:

  • You are also processing regular expenses with SRXP. The submitter needs to create a separate report for those expenses to be able to submit it. It could be that they just added those expenses to the wrong report, and that they added it to the credit card report.
  • Or the submitter doesn't know how to merge the receipts with the credit card transactions manually, and just added them to the report (read here how to merge receipts with transactions)

But you can easily disable this option so other expenses can not be added to creditcard reports anymore.

  1. Go to the Admin Panel
  2. Click on 'Company Settings'
  3. Settings
  4. Cards
  5. Activate the option: Block other expenses in transaction reports.

The submitters can not add single receipts, or other expense types to a credit card report.