How do I manage the notifications?

How do your turn off the e-mail and/ or mobile notifications?


You will find the notifications under the settings in your app. Click on the burgermenu first (three horizontal stripes on the top left) and click on Settings


Click on Email to turn off the email notifications or click on Mobile to turn of the mobile notifications:



You will find the  notifications under profile settings. To get to profile settings press the following button:

If you open the profile settings you will see a section "E-mail settings". You can check the boxes of the notifications you would (not) like to receive.

Be aware: On the image below you see all the notifications of SRXP. If you can only submit in SRXP, you will see the notifications: "When your report is rejected", "When your report is approved" and " When your report is processed" . The notifications are based on the authorisations you have in SRXP.