How can I create an Assistant?

You are going on holiday but your colleague needs to takeover your SRXP tasks. You can use the Assistant feature!

You want to hand over your SRXP tasks to a colleague (temporarily). You are going on holiday or you are unable to use SRXP for another reason.

  • go to our loginpage ( and login
  • click on your initials  and on the button 'Profile'
  • click on 'Assistants'
  • search your colleague who will takeover your tasks
  • select the activation date and if you leave temporarily, select an expiration date too
  • select which rights you would like to hand over. You can only hand over the rights that you have
  • you can add more than one Assistant if you would like to!

Please note: We are not forwarding your notifications to your Assistant. The Assistant should take a look into your account regularly.

In case the Assistant doesn't know how to switch to your account you can forward this article!