How can I change my credentials?

You would like to change your login email address or your password.

Did you forget your password?
You don't need to contact us, since you can easily create a new password by yourself!

  • go to our loginpage (
  • click 'Forgot password'
  • you will receive an email with further instructions to create a new password (Didn't receive it? Please check your Spam Folder!)
  • follow the instructions in this email
  • create a new password that consists of 8 characters, a capital letter and a number.

Did you forget your login email address?
Reach out to the SRXP Administrator of your company. Normally this is the department Finance or HR. They can see with which email address you are registered.


You still know your credentials, but you would like to change it:

I work with the app

  • Click on the burgermenu (three stripes on the top right of the app)
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Change credentials
  • Click on Change email or Change password and follow the steps

I work with a browser

Sure! You can change your login email address and/or password.

  • go to our loginpage ( and login
  • click on your credentials on the top right and click on Profile
  • click 'Change credentials'
    • change your email address or password. You can only save these modifications once you fill in your current password
    • note: Have you changed your email address? You still have to confirm! You should have received a confirmation email on your new email address.  (Didn't receive it? Please check your Spam Folder!)