Why isn't my receipt automatically merged to the credit card transaction?

You are making use of our feature that merges receipt automatically with the incoming credit card transactions.

A receipt will be automatically merged with a credit card transaction when:

  • The receipt is already in SRXP, before the credit card transaction is uploaded in SRXP.
  • The receipt is added to the 'Expense Inbox' instead of a report.

When you have taken a picture of the receipt, the following fields are pre-filled:

  • date
  • country
  • currency
  • amount

If you photograph the receipt immediately when you receive the receipt, verify and correct the fields mentioned above and leave it in the 'Expense Inbox', SRXP will automatically merge the incoming credit card transaction with the receipt!

Do you want to know how to merge the receipt manually to the transactions? You can read it in the following article!