I can't change the country so I can't submit my expenses.

You receive an error once you try to submit your report, but you can't change the country of the expense.

You've added your receipt to the credit card expense. You've also filled in all the required information. But when you try to submit the report, you can't submit it. You receive an error and some expenses colour red.

When you open the line, the country field colours red and there's stated that the country is wrong. When you want to change it, you can't. You can't select another country. What should you do right now?

There are two ways to solve this:

  1. Try to submit the report again!
  2. Couldn't you still submit the report? Then you need to open the expense on the web portal. Under the country field you'll see the text "Click to correct". When you click on this, the country will be changed automatically and you are able to submit the expenses!

Please note: At this moment you can only execute option 2 via the web and not with our app!