How is the exchange rate calculated?

When you have an expense in a foreign currency, SRXP offers you the conversion amount in your main currency.

Expenses paid in Cash or with your Private Payment Card

In this case, we will automatically calculated the exchange rate between the foreign currency and the default currency of your company account.

We collect this rate from openexchangerates. Open Exchange Rates calculates the rate based on the information received regarding the two currencies on a specific day. We only show the exchange rate with 2 digits, but we use the complete rate!

Expenses paid with a Corporate Card linked to SRXP

If you went abroad and did a couple of transactions in a foreign currency, the credit card company will provide SRXP the exact exchange rate applied on your card.
Therefore, your financial department will receive the identical rate used on the bank statement.

Submitting reports with foreign expenses

The rate can fluctuate during the day, this is why we only allow you to submit the reports containing foreign expenses after we collected the definitive exchange rate for this day.