How do I use the filters?

What is the best way to use the filters?

Behind every searchbar there is a filter to use. Using the filter can be nice to make your search easier.

We will light out a filter per right/role in SRXP to show what you can use. You activate the filter when you click on the symbol below.

Be aware that if you have searched for a certain value, the filter will be applied to every search until you delete the filter!


As a Submitter you can use the filter at your Inbox and the Reports Overview. For example if you only would like to see the reports that are approved to check if your report came through correctly, then you can filter on the status 'Approved' .

You can also apply a filter in the Expense Inbox to select your receipts with the same payment method to one separate report.


As an Approver you can use the filter to search for the right report


As Exporter you are probably going to use the filter the most!

You can filter on a certain Submitter, Approver, Job Title or Establishment to export to the correct financial or HR system or to export to the correct administration if you work with different administrations within the company. You can also use the filter to search for the reports that have been submitted within a certain period of time to make sure you get the right selection of reports to export to the financial system.

You can save the filter by clicking on a value you would like to search for > Click on search > Open the filter again and give the filter a name and click on 'Save new'.


As Administrator you have the overviews 'All Reports' and 'Unsubmitted Expenses'. With these overviews you are able to help the users if they have any questions. To help them faster you can use the filters at the overviews to search for the user who has a question.