How do I set up an Alias for the Expense fields?

For almost all Expense fields there is a possibility to 'change' the name with an Alias

As an Administrator you have the ability to give the Expense fields an alias to make SRXP as Company adjusted as possible.

Go to Admin --> Company account --> Expense

On the left side you see the free text fields, on the right side you see the fields of the drop down menu

With the buttons you are able to add(button is blue) or remove(button is grey) the field of the Expense form. If all buttons are on, you will see the following Expense form:

You can also adjust the fields per Expense type:

You will unselect the boxes for the expense types you do not want to see the field

Do you only use one type of expense? Then you can leave all the boxes selected.

At 'Description alias' you will enter the name you would like to see in the expense form. For example: do you want the submitters to fill in the client at the 'Vendor' field?
Enter the following: