How do I prepare a PDF statement for a Submitter?

Your credit card provider only provides you with PDF documents. You would like to add this statement to a report of the credit card holder.

You would like to add a PDF statement to a report so the employee can see exactly what he or she has spend. The submitter can attach the receipts of those expenses to the report.

You need to have the Administrator Rights to prepare a PDF statement.

Go to Admin and click on All reports
You will see the option '+ New statement'

Select the right statement from your computer

Give the statement a title, this will also be the title of the report (the title will be filled with the name of the document. You can adjust this)

Select the submitter the statement (and thus report) belongs to

Click 'Save'

A new report will be created for this report. You can find this report on top of the 'All reports' overview.

When the submitter opens the report, they will be able to open the statement to see what transactions they should justify with expenses: