How do I import users into SRXP?

You can import users into SRXP if you would like to adjust information per user or if you would like to add multiple users at once.

To import the users we suggest to first export a CSV from SRXP with the current settings. This way you will always have a back up of the information that is in SRXP and you are able to easily adjust the information and import the adjusted CSV into SRXP.

First check if you can import via the 'New user import'. Go to Admin --> Company account --> New users and make sure the bottom option is not selected:

To download the CSV, go to Admin --> User management -->

The CSV will open in an Excel where you can make your adjustments.

Always use email adresses in column M of the Approvers. Would you like to have multiple Approvers (a flow)? use a '&' in between the email adresses

Save the document as CSV and go back to SRXP. Click on 'Import users'.

You will see the following screen:

Choose the right file from your computer and click on Upload, pick the separator and start at row 2 (otherwise you will upload the columnheaders). 
Click on Settings

In this screen you will fill the information that SRXP will use when this information is not filled in the uploaded CSV file.

Send activation email can be used when you would like to sent out the activation email as soon as you have imported the users. If not, please do not select this option (default = not selected)

Click on Column mapping

In this screen you will map the columns from your CSV (dropdown on the right side) to the fields in SRXP (on the left side)

Click on Preview

In the preview you will only see the first 50 users. Do you have more users in your CSV? No worries, we will import them all.

Click on Import and you have now imported your users!