How do I export a report?

I need to process reports from SRXP, but how do I do that?

You can export a report within a few steps.

If you are an Exporter, you can do a final check on the approved reports. You can adjust the report or you can reject the report so the submitter can make the adjustments.

Go to Export, the Reports Overview will open


Select the reports you would like to export from the 'Reports Overview'. 

You can use the filter to filter only on the reports that are approved, you can also click 'Select all' on the bottom left
Click on 'Ready for export' on the top right

The reports will stay in the export queue so other exporters may check the reports as well. The reports now have the status 'Ready for export'

View from Hanna's account:

View from Dennis' account:

All exporters can make changes and/or export the reports in the Ready for export queue.

Select the reports you would like to export and click on Export to

You will see a drop down menu with all the export formats you can export the reports to.