How do I delete an expense or report?

Can I remove an expense or report?

You can delete expenses and reports. You can only delete them when the expense is in a report that has not been submitted yet or that has been rejected.

Be aware: once removed from SRXP we can not get the expenses back! There is no back up.

Deleting an expense

I work with in the App:

Select the expense in the app by swiping right and selecting (Iphone) or by holding the expense (Android):


Press the garbage bin symbol to delete the expense:

I work in a browser:

Select the expense --> Click on 'Actions' --> Click on Delete

Is the option 'delete' not available? Please check which type of expense you are deleting. Credit card transactions (blue credit card icon) can not be deleted by you

Deleting a report

You can only delete Unsubmitted or Rejected reports

I work in the App:

Open the report and click on the 3 dots on the top right

Click on Delete report

I work in a browser:

Open the report and click on the 3 dots.

Then click 'Delete report' 


If there are still expenses in the report, the expenses will move back to your Expense inbox