How do I approve via the app?

Is it possible to approve via the app, how do I approve?

To approve via the app, you can do the following things.

Open the app and go to 'Pending'

In this overview you see all reports with the status 'Submitted' when you have nothing to approve..

And this is the view when you have reports which requires approval:

Do you already see mistakes? Click on 'Reject' for IOS and on the following symbol for Android:

Do not forget to add a motivation!

See below screenshots (left for Android, right for IOS)

Do you want to see more details? Then click on an expense line to open it.
Is this expense correct? Swipe to the right
Is the expense incorrect? Swipe to the left
Not sure yet
about the expense? Swipe up

Do you want to see more details? Then click on 'More'

Swiped all expenses to the right? Then you approve the report

One or more expense(s) swiped to the left? Then you reject the entire report
Please note: a motivation is mandatory if you want to reject the report

Click on 'History' to see reports that you already approved