How do I adjust the tables in the SRXP portal?

You are able to adjust all the tables in the SRXP portal. You may do so to see the relevant information for you.

Log in to the SRXP portal and go to your Expenses inbox

2. Click on Customize table

A screen will open where you will be able to hide or show certain columns. You do so by dragging the column you would not like to see to 'Columns not shown'

In the following example the columns 'Vendor' and 'ID' are not shown:

You are also able to change the order of the 'Columns shown' by dragging the columns in the desired order. The column on top will be the far left column, the column on the bottom will be the far right column.

If you are happy with your adjusted order, click on 'Save' on the top right.

You are always able to adjust the columns.