Can I see the details of our subscription?

You are always able to see the details of the subscription in SRXP when you are a Billing Administrator. To see the details, go to 'Subscription' via Admin --> Company account --> Billing information --> Subscription

The information that you can find here is:

  • Plan: The type of subscription
  • Status: The status of the subscription
  • Prolongation date: The date the subscription will be renewed

Other information that you can find in relation to the users within your subscription:

  1. Users in subscription: The number of users you added to your subscription
  2. Active submitters/approvers: The number of active users in SRXP
  3. Available users: Users in subscription - active users

You will see the button 'Upgrade', when clicking this button, you will be asked to contact our support department. Please send us an email to to upgrade/downgrade or terminate your subscription

Be aware: upgrading your subscription will send out an invoice with the price per user from the moment you upgrade until the Prolongation date


Important: the subscription will not be updated based on the number of Active submitters/approvers. When there are 20 users in your Subscription and you only have 10 Active submitters/approvers we will not update your Subscription.

You can downgrade your subscription to do so by sending us an email. We will downgrade your subscription from the Prolongation date.