Can I change the report title?

You can change the report title as Submitter, but the default report title can be changed by the Administrator. Would you like to have more information on how to change the default title, click here

I'm a Submitter

The title of reports you have created can be changed in the app and in the portal

I work with the app:

Click on the report title of your created report

You will see the following screen where you can adjust the report title:

Be aware: you can't change the report titles of the reports with a blue credit card symbol.

I work with a browser:

Click on the report title, you are able to change the title immediately

I'm an Administrator:

Click on Admin --> Company account --> Report

You will see the Default report title. You are able to adjust this field to make sure the Report title of all submitters are the same when they create their own report

The values between { } are 'strings'. You can use these by copying them out of the field below the Default report title and paste them in your Default report title

When you click on Card, you will see the Default credit card report title. As an Administrator you can adjust this Default title. Submitters are not able to adjust this title.