At this page, you can set up basic settings for your company. You will find 6 topics:

  • Company information is for your basic company name and address.
  • Support information is for setting up where your users can ask for help.
  • Billing information is important to set up right so that you are actually able to have users in your system. Please note that a country and the VAT number of your company are mandatory for adding new users. The VAT number is also checked through a database of valid VAT numbers.
  • New users settings are important to have your new users set up in the right way. You can select the standard currency, country, time zone and date and amount formats.
  • Expense settings are descriptions that are shown whenever a user wants to add a new receipt, mileage, duty or timesheet. Those will appear when they hover over the several options that you provide.
  • Report settings are there for customising the expense reporting process. You can decide here whether or not approvers and/or exporters are able to change expense data when they view the expense reports. You can also setup standard report titles for newly created reports. This is especially handy when you want your users to create consistent report titles.
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