You can change the booking date of a report, if the report has been submitted to late for example. You need to have the 'Exporter' rights to be able to change the booking date.

  • Go to 'Export' and to 'Reports overview'
  • Click on a report you would like to change the booking date from.
    Be aware: you can only change the booking date when the report has the status 'Approved'. If the report has the status 'Processed' you first need to 'Revise' the report.
  • Click on 'Change booking date' , a window with the date of today will open

You can change the booking date by typing the different date or if you click on the date, you will see a calendar where you can select the date.

Make sure that you also export the booking date. It could be that you export a different type of date. Check your export format settings (Gear icon > Export formats) if you see the booking date in the column 'Values'.

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