In case your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), you don't need to create a SRXP password with our activation email. You can simply login with your work email address and password that you use for other applications too.

I work with the App:

From your Admin you have received a keyword, we call this a 'slug'.  An example: We, SRXP employees, use the keyword SRXP.

You have to fill in this keyword at 'Single Sign On (SSO)' on the mobile application. When you fill in this word, you will be redirected to your usual login page where you will fill in your credentials. Afterwards you will be automatically logged in at SRXP.

I work with a browser:

You don't need the keyword. Just go to our login page Fill in your e-mail address and when you click 'Next', you can fill in your password and login.

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