Administrator Dashboard

Do you use our Admin Dashboard module? That means you have access to one of our best overviews in SRXP and have a reporting tool at hand all times without too much hassle.

On the Admin Dashboard you will find all information about your SRXP environment in one overview.

Click on Admin --> Overviews --> Admin Dashboard

There are a couple of tips and tricks to get even more information out of this overview:

1. Select the number of months you would like to see on your Admin Dashboard. (up to 6 months). By clicking the drop down menu, you can choose the number of months.

You can also change the currency of the Admin Dashboard.

2. The diagram is divided into Categories by default. You can choose another option to see on the diagram or you can choose multiple option. Would you like to see the diagram divided by Categories and Submitters? Toggle both and your diagram will be divided by both:

3. If you click More insights, you will be guided to the All Expenses page (this is also part of the Admin Dashboard module)

In this overview you can even add more Filters

1. Divide the Diagram by Day/Month/Quarter or Year

2. Download the information into a CSV

3. See a simpler overview:

You can also see other type of charts (line chart, bar chart, donut chart, plain insights) by clicking the symbols on the top left: