Dynamics Navision troubleshooting

Common errors & tips

1. SOAP-ERROR: Parsing couldn’t load:

Error meaning: your Dynamics Navision environment is not accessible by external applications.

Troubleshooting: make sure that:

2. Nav attempted to issue a client callback … to run page as modal

Meaning:  when creating the new purchase invoice, an end-user confirmation dialog or message box is triggered. These, are not supported by Navision’s web services. 

Troubleshooting: make sure that the information / resource being sent from SRXP exists in your Navision environment. If it didn’t exist, Navision would trigger a dialog asking if you want to create a new resource (new vendor in the example above). 

3. The field … contains a value that cannot be found in the related table

Meaning: the field value that we are trying to export to Navision is not valid. In the above screenshot, the error message tells us that 0 is not a valid value for the VAT Prod. Posting Group. 

Troubleshooting: continuing with the above example, open Navision > go to the VAT Product Posting Table > check which are the valid values:

  • If these values are already stored in SRXP, change the mapping for the relevant field in the export format.
  • If the values are not stored yet in SRXP, add them in an empty field of the relevant table, e.g. in the Free Field 1 column of the VAT table.

4. Evaluation failed ... can’t be evaluated into type date / decimal

Meaning: wrong date or decimal format.

Troubleshooting: go to portal.srxp.com/#/export_formats > open the export format for Dynamics Navision > change the date or decimal format in the SRXP export format for the field indicated in the error message (Document Date and Direct Unit Cost in the examples above).