Automatic merging transactions

Automatic merging of expenses with transactions

When you are receiving the corporate credit card transactions in the system, you are ought to finish those with your receipt and other mandatory information to justify the expense. The automatic merging feature will improve the process of justifying your expenses. 

What is the automatic merging feature?

By enabling the automatic merging feature, SRXP will search for a corresponding declaration for each expense as soon as it arrives in your account. It will seek for a match based on 

  • Date of the expense
  • Currency
  • Amount

When you have an expense in your inbox that matches the transaction on these three variables, SRXP will automatically merge your declaration with the transaction. Therefore, your declaration will no longer appear in your expenses inbox.

It is important to note that the matching is only done once for each expense, at the moment the expense is received from the credit card company.

What to do when my transaction is not automatically merged with my expense?

If you provided the receipt in the SRXP later than that the transaction has arrived in your account, or one or more of the variables did not show a match with any expense in your inbox, you will have to merge manually. Check one of our instruction videos on how to match credit card declarations with receipts via the online portal or how to upload the receipt for the transaction. 

Activating or deactivating the auto merging

By contacting us, we can activate the auto-merging within your SRXP account. The feature will therefore be available for all users within this account (only if they have a credit card assign).
To deactivate the feature, we also advice to contact us directly and it will be switch-off right away.