All expense page + Insights


All expenses in a single page: The new All expenses page provides you a complete overview of all expenses stored in your SRXP company account, regardless of the expense status. 

Create charts to visualize the data: In addition, the All expenses page contains a new section called Insights, which allows you to easily create charts using filters, visualize expense data per user, category or project, among many other possibilities.

Export expenses for deeper analysis: Last but not least, you can export expense data in CSV format, in case deeper analysis is desired using other tools.


How does the new All Expenses Insights work?

To start using the new Insights feature...

  • Open the Admin panel
  • Go to All expenses
  • Click Insights (top right corner of the screen).
Note: If you don’t see the All expenses section, please contact our Customer Success team so that they can enable the add-on for you.




Once there, on the right hand side you will have the available data filters, including date, expense type, report status, project, currency,  among many others. Make use of them to dig deep into your expense data.




After applying the required filters, you can choose how to visualize the data using the different settings located right above the chart. From left to right, this will allow you to:

  • Choose chart type.
  • Select target / display currency.
  • Select data period.
  • Split expense data by resource (submitter, project, etc),
  • Group data by period (date, month, quarter or year).



It can be especially useful to use the split by together with the table display to get quick insight on which users have the most unsubmitted expenses or which categories have the higher usage.

Finally, you can save the filters on the top right corner to be able to quickly reuse them in the future.