AFAS Profit Troubleshooting

AFAS issues

List errors AFAS throws at us and we need to change the settings accordingly:

+Type mismatch

  • Change amount format to ‘1,234.56’ ( should be default)
  • Change date format to yyyy-mm-dd ( should be default)

+(AntaObject) There is no value entered in mandatory field ‘Rekeningnummer’ (AcNr)

  • Check your categories ( test with category 4400 and special C1 to 1500 )
  • Check user Employee-/ Creditor number: ( use 60013 for testing )

+(AntaObject) The foreignkey does not exist in the database. FieldId=Btw-code, ForeignkeyId=KnVat

  • Check your payment method codes ( use 5 for testing, check in AFAS for different VAT codes )

+(AntaObject) The foreignkey does not exist in the database. FieldId=Medewerker, ForeignkeyId=C1_HrAct

  • Check user Employee-/ Creditor number

+(AntaObject) The foreignkey does not exist in the database. FieldId=Rekeningnummer, ForeignkeyId=KnAnt1

  • Extra information: This can happen due to a mismatch in the 'journal_type' and the account number that is used to book it . The journal_type (purchase or memorial) defines the ledger account ( 3 or 1 respectively). The account we use to book the credit side of the expense should be defined for that ledger account. Check the export format settings and make sure the right journal code and journal type is used.
  • The Purchase Account Code is not recognized. It might be possible that the user code and the purchase account code are different. 

+(AntaObject) The foreignkey does not exist in the database. FieldId=Cost center, ForeignkeyId=C5_KnByz4

  • (Only possible with the HR module), please check the cost center value. In the export format, which field is selected for the cost center and check the value selected. (If Establishment code is selected, please look at the codes, in Establishments)

+(AntaObject) There is no value entered in mandatory field 'Looncomponent' (Sc02)

  • There is no value exported to Sc02, which is normally used for the General Ledger account

+(AntaObject) The foreignkey does not exist in the database. FieldId=Itemcode, ForeignkeyId=FbBit

  • (Only possible with the finance module) please check the project item code value. In the export format, which field is selected for the project item code and check the value selected. (If Project code is selected, please look at the codes, in Projects)

+(AntaObject) Inserted value does not meet the lenght requirements for field 'Account number'(AcNr). Max length = 16

  • Check the creditor/employee number of the user, there is an incorrect value in the creditor/employee number

+(AntaObject) There is no value entered in mandatory field 'Medewerker' (EmId)

  • The creditor number is missing

+This component is not in the componentset

  • The general ledger does not exist in the AFAS environment

+For employee 000XXX are no mutations possible in period X for periodetable X in year XXXX for employer XX 

  • The employee cannot book within this period, please look at the export values in the export format. Please make sure that the Date, Period and Year have the same export value base, it can generates problem especially during the change of year when those values are not correlated.

+General message: There is no assignment for allocation code "XXX" for account "XXXX", or the assignment has been blocked.

+General message: Voor code verbijzondering 'XXX' is geen toewijzing bij rekening 'XXXX' of de toewijzing is geblokkeerd.

If you have this error message we advice you to check the following

  • Look that the administration code used in the export correspond at the correct exporting environment. (You can look at the AFAS administration code on the bottom right of your AFAS, the first value should be the administration code to insert in SRXP)
  • If the administration code is correct, make sure that the allocation code is actually a valid entry for the GL. You should first look in allocation codes, if the value exists, if the value exists, then you need to enable it for the specific GL.

+General message: Code verbijzondering voor as 'XXX' moet gevuld worden voor rekening XXX

  • For a specific allocation, you need to export a value. When you have this error message, it means that you did not try to export a correct value for this allocation. 

+General message: Invoice number 'XXXXX' is already being used in financial for Creditor XXX
+General message: Factuurnummer 'XXXXX' wordt al gebruikt in financieel bij Crediteur XXX

  • This could happen when the report has already been exported or a report using the same invoice number for the same creditor has already been exported. In this case, look if you can find this report in your financial entries in AFAS. If not, the Invoice number might not be generic enough and you should modify the value Voucher ID in the SRXP export format.

+General message: Datum 'XX-XX-XXXX' valt in een geblokkeerde periode

  •  You are trying to export a report into a closed a month. It might happen with older report and you already performed the closing of this month. The solution here is to change the voucher date to the current date. (Attention: it might create a booking in your current month)

+General message: Date '10-12-2016' is in a blocked period

  • The expense you are trying to export should be booked in a closed book. This can happen with older expenses of a couple of month ago, which are declare later. The only solution would be to modify the date of the expense date. (not recommended)

+General message: Combinatie btw-code/btw-rekening is niet toegestaan.

  • The VAT code used is not recognized with the VAT account selected. If you have a default VAT account, it can be possible that it does not recognized when the VAT code represents a 0% VAT. If this is the case, we suggest you to use the VAT free field category to set your VAT account.

+(AfasFiEntry)Vat is not allowed for account XXX.

  • In AFAS, it is possible that some rules are set, in this case a specific VAT code cannot be applied with the exported Account Number (GL). In this case, we advise you to either modify the VAT in SRXP or to change the rules in your AFAS (only if it is an automated rule, which is not used by the company).

+(AfasFiEntry)Vat is mandatory for account XXX. 

  • In this case, there is a rule in AFAS, which requires that the VAT code is provided for this specific account number. Please check the export format and select a value to export per export. 

+Could not connect to host

  • The connection between SRXP and AFAS is temporarily unavailable, please try later.

+EnvironmentId may not be empty

  • The connection between SRXP and AFAS has not yet been done.

+Inloggegevens niet gevonden

  • The token used is not correct. If the token has not been fully save in AFAS after extraction, it might be possible that you will experience this issue.

+This component is not in the componentset

  • This error occurs with the HR module. Check if you have added a category in SRXP. Make sure that the code corresponds with the code in AFAS.