Cash withdrawals can be processed in SRXP. Keep in mind that cash that has not been spent can not be processed in SRXP.

The way to process the cash withdrawal in SRXP is as following:

First, add a payment method with the Reimbursment type 'to pay'

If a cash withdrawal comes in on the credit card. The submitter needs to select the payment method Cash withdrawal.

The expenses that have been added to SRXP and that belong to the cash withdrawal need to be added to the same report as the report with the cash withdrawal. A payment method with reimbursement type 'to receive' needs to be selected for these expenses:

The total amount of the report is EUR 200,00. If you click on 'amount details' and scroll down, you will see the actual result:

The amount 'to receive' and the amount 'to pay' have the same amount, so the result 'to receive' is 0,00 EUR

If not all of the cash withdrawal have been spent, the remaining amount needs to be processed within the company. You can not process the remaining amount in SRXP.

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