Which approval policies are available?

You are working with SRXP but you are not sure yet how you can setup your approval policy in SRXP.

In SRXP you have to set an approval policy for an user so the users can submit their expenses for approval. There is not a possibility to skip this part of the workflow. Every report with expenses needs to be approved before it can be processed.

In SRXP the following three approval policies are available:

  1. The Submitter has to choose an Approver by him/herself (can only choose users who are authorised to approve expenses)
  2. The report with expenses will always be send to one (or more) consistent Approver(s) (For example to the manager of the Submitter)
  3. The report with expenses should be send to approvers based on specific values (For instance because a project is chosen or the expense exceeds X amount). You can use this option as an additional approver or to overrule the default approver policy of the user.

You can set option 1 and 2 via the user profile settings, since the approval policy is related to the user in specific. In this article you can read how to set the approval policy.

For option 3 to set an additional approver based on specific values, you can setup a Business Rule. Please note that this is a Corporate and Enterprise subscription feature only! How to create Business Rules can be found here.