VAT Reclaim

1. Contacting SRXP and ask for VAT reclaim 

As you are reading this document, it is possible that you already contacted us and you receive this document to provide you more information regarding the VAT reclaim. 

If you did not yet requested the VAT reclaim feature you can contact us, either by phone at the +31 2 02 61 17 11 or by email at

We are going to enable 2 features in your SRXP account: the VAT categories and the VAT reclaim export format. 

2. Completing the VAT reclaim feature in SRXP

As an admin you should go to the Admin panel and select Categories. You will see that a new column is available:

Note that it is important that for each single line you must select one VAT category.

When you click on the empty VAT category, you have a selection of categories. 

The categories are reflecting the categories in VAT4U (our partner for VAT reclaim). This allows you to already have everything ready in VAT4U once you are ready to reclaim your VAT. You can use the same VAT category for several general ledger codes. You also do not have to select all categories, but make sure that the general ledger properly matches. Below is the complete list of VAT categories.

List of the 26 categories: 

Car rental
City public transportation
Cross border flight
Domestic flight
Exhibition, fair or conference entrance ticket fee
Exhibition, fair or conference other costs (e.g. Stand)
IT/Telecom services
Long distance public transportation
Motorway tolls
Non Deductible expense
Office material
Restaurant food
Restaurant/bar drinks

3. Export format : VAT Reclaim 

The second new feature in your SRXP account is a new export format called VAT Reclaim.

Once you are ready to export your reports to VAT4U, you need to select this export format.

Questions about the VAT reclaim? Please contact VAT4U.