Tags are sets of new attributes, which you can attach to an expense. It allows you to bring more dimensions and details to an expense. The submitter selects the tag(s), which matches the declaration based on a selection of name and codes provided by the administrator.


As an administrator, you can land on the tag page by hovering the ‘Wheel’ icon in the top right of your screen and clicking ‘Tags’. On this page you find a simple table with the 2 columns:

  • 'Code'. This non-mandatory field provides the option to set an Id, which later be exported toward a financial system
  • 'Name' is obligatory to create a tag. This name will appear on the drop-down list of the submitter to make its choice.

On this page, you will also notice the possibility to introduce an Alias. This Alias gives you the possibility to enter the name you would like to provide to this tag. 

If you set the Alias to Airport, the name of the attribute is shown in the title and will also be display on the expense creation overlay of the submitter.
Then, list the appropriate names and codes in the table to offer a selection of tag to the submitter. 


When creating an expense, the submitter opens the declaration overlay. The new tag addition, is display on the bottom of the overlay and took the alias name given by the administrator.

Note: If the administrator does not insert any tags option, then the tag line does not appear on the declaration overlay. 

To add tags, you should open the drop down and select one or two tags. 

When you close the drop-down, you can see the details of the selected tags below the attribute.

Once the expense is completed, it can be submitted as usual and it will be one more field for the approver to check. 


In all generic export format, it is possible to export the tags. You need to add it to your export format by selecting the value:

  • Expense tags name
  • Expense tags code

Note that if more than one tag was selected, the export will work as follow:

All tags codes or tags names will be exported as one string separated by a coma.
Codes: "LAX, LHR"
Names: "Los Angeles International Airport, London Heathrow Airport"

Mobile Application 

If tags are available in your account, you can also select them on the app.
You can find the tags on the bottom of each expense type (receipt, mileage, duty, timesheet and per diem)

Business Rules

You can also set a business rules to make the tag mandatory.
To know how to set a business rule, please visit the page Business Rules