ICS import changes

There are some changes on the export and import from ICS VISA/Business cards. Please read below.
Export from ICS:
If you have a payment per card done from your bank account you will probably need to download a CSV per card instead of all transactions in once. As I understood from one of our clients, ICS is working on it but this will take a while.
If you request a centralized billing (so instead of having each balance per card per month deducted from the company account, get one deduction per month), the download all transactions option is available.
The filter on date is not available in ICS, but this is a quick fix in the downloaded CSV file (filter!) or in the import function in SRXP (select the right date from and date until)
Import in SRXP:
-You need to adjust the amount format to 1 234,56 
It used to be 1.234,56
- All cardnumbers are changed from **** 1234 to ****1234, the disappearance of the space means that we see the cards as *NEW* cards so all cards need to be matched to the users once again.