I can't submit my expenses, why not?

You have created your expenses but you can't submit the report.

Did you already add the expenses to a report? If not, we would like to advice you to read this article first. In case you have created a report, continue reading!

  • I click 'Submit' but the status of the report is still marked as "Not submitted".

If you are unable to submit the report, the expenses that are incomplete will color red. When you open the expense, a text will appear in red in the field that is incomplete.

Here you can see how this situation looks like on the mobile application:

Every expense has the following mandatory fields :

  • Image
  • Date
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Amount
  • VAT percentage
  • Payment method

It depends on the work process of your company which additional fields are mandatory too. Add the information and submit your report again!

  • I can't find an expense that colors red.

Do you work via the website and you can't find an expense that colors red? Try to submit it again. Is it still not working? Most probably, your report consists of more than 25 expenses, and we only display the first 25 on the first page! Go to the second page to find the incomplete expense.