How to set-up the Per Diem Rates in your SRXP account?

You reimburse fixed allowances for your employees. SRXP offers the possibility to request a Per Diem.

SRXP offers to possibility to request a Per Diem (daily allowance for expenses). With this expense type the submitter don't have to add an attachment likewise regular expenses.  If you want to use Per Diem, you should follow those steps:

1. Populate the Per Diem rates

Only the Administrators can populate the page of the Per Diem rates. You can either import an existing CSV file or create a rate manually.  Commonly, a specific rate is applied by area, it can be a continent, a country or a city.  A Per Diem rate should consists of:

  • Name 
  • Amount
  • Currency 

You can also fill in a code that can be used for export purposes.

Go to your Admin Panel (Gear icon) > Per Diem Rates. Here you can make the choice to import a file or to create manually a rate.

2. Turn Per Diem on in the account

Now that the Per Diem rates are populated, the Administrator need to allow the Per Diem  rate for a category. In order to do so, the Administrator should navigate to the categories settings via the Admin Panel and enable the Per Diem by checking the box at "valid for".

From this moment onward, all the submitters can request a per diem. Would you like to know how? You can read this article with instructions.

Would you like that not all of the submitters can request a per diem but only a specific group? You can refuse this category for specific users or for a whole function group. In this article you can read how you can do this.


3. Create a Per Diem

For the submitter, it will be possible to request a Per Diem. when you click on New Expense, you will see a new expense type, the Per Diem.

Then the Per Diem page opens and you can fill in the expense. Note that for Per Diems expenses, there is no need to attach a receipt because it is a company policy to allocate a certain amount based on the destination.

If you request a Per Diem, select the rate and the quantity properly. Based on your company policy, you can request the Per Diem for more than 1 day in two ways.

  1. The quantity is changed to the number of days you need the allowance. Note that you will have only one date - the starting date. SRXP also does not calculate if the days are consecutively or not.
  2. In order to facilitate the booking of the Per Diem on specific date, we added the Cope Expenses option on the bottom of the expense. If you need to declare Per Diem per exact date, we advice you to use a quantity of 1.00 (or less if you stay less than a full day). Then you can copy this expense and select the other exact days for which you are requesting the Per Diem. 

Note : You cannot submit a report with per diems dates in the future.