How do I see the reports I made?

On the app and on the portal?

I work with the app

You are able to find the reports under 'Reports' when working with the app.
Be aware: the reports with the status 'Processed' are not visible in the app anymore. We will keep the app as clean as possible.

The screenshots below are from an IOS device, there is no difference between Android and IOS.

Click on the burgermenu (top left) and the menu will open from the left side.
Click on 'Reports'

In the Reports overview you will see the reports with the status 'Not submitted', 'Submitted', 'Rejected' and 'Approved' 

I work with a browser

In the browser or Portal you are able to find all reports, also the 'Processed' reports.

Open the Report overview

You will see all the reports you have ever made