How do I remove credit card transactions?

I have old transactions that I would like to remove from SRXP

This article is meant for the Administrators of SRXP. Would you like to have old transactions removed from your account? Please contact the Administrator within your company. You can find his/her contactdetails under the '?'.
Would you like to remove expenses you added yourself? Please take a look at the following article.

To succesfully remove the old transactions from SRXP, you need to follow two steps.

Step 1:

Go to 'All reports' and click on the report you would like to remove. The report will open. Select all transactions and click on 'Delete expense(s)'.

Please note: If there's a receipt attached, you will also remove the image. Be careful with deleting expenses. We can't restore the images for you!

Step 2:

You need to remove the report as well. If you only delete the report before deleting the transactions, the transactions will be moved to the inbox of the submitter.
To delete the report you need to click the garbage bin next to the ID number of the report:

After deleting the report, you have succesfully deleted the transaction report.

The submitter/approver/exporter can never remove credit card transactions or the transaction report.