How do I import users into SRXP?

You can import users into SRXP if you would like to adjust information per user or if you would like to add multiple users at once.

To import the users we suggest to first export a CSV from SRXP with the current settings. This way you will always have a back up of the information that is in SRXP and you are able to easily adjust the information and import the adjusted CSV into SRXP.

To download the CSV, go to 'Users' under the Admin Panel (Gear icon) and click on 'Download CSV'

The CSV will open in an Excel where you can make your adjustments. Save the document as CSV and go back to SRXP. Click on 'Import users'.

You will see the following screen:

Choose the right file from your computer, the separator and start at row 2. Click on 'Upload'. 

SRXP recognizes information that already exists and asks if you would like to replace this information. Select the box in case you would like to override the existing information with the new values of your import file.

Click on 'Continue', you will see a preview of the import.

Click on 'Import' if you agree with the preview. Then you will successfully import your users. Do you receive a notification that you don't have users available anymore? Upgrade your subscription with more users!