How do I apply a business rule?

How do the business rules work and where can I use them for?

Business rules can be used to apply certain rules for using SRXP.

You can use the business rules to restrict certain expenses. You will find more instructions on how the use the business rules below. Keep in mind that the business rules work as a 'If > Then' function.

Go to the business rules via the Admin Panel (gear icon). Click on '+ business rule'

The following screen will appear with many choices


The fields you can make required are 'Description', 'Project', 'Vendor' and 'Tags'

Here we will shown an example of the following rule: If the total amount per expense is more than EUR 0,00 then the description is a required field. 

You can create this rule as followed:

The business rules are applicable when you have an Enterprise subscription. Would you like to have more information? Please contact your account manager.