How do I add more users to SRXP?

You can always add more users to SRXP. There are two ways to do so:

  • You can add more users to SRXP because the total of users from the subscription are not all in SRXP yet. You can check if you still have users left in your subscription by clicking on 'Subscription' under the gear and check the amount at 'Available users' if there are still 'seats' left in your subscription.

  • If you do not have any users left in your subscription, you can add more by clicking 'Upgrade' and add the number of uses you would like to add to your subscription.

Be aware: by upgrading you subscription, you will automaticly generate a pro rate invoice.

If you have checked or upgraded your subscription you can add the users via 'Users' that you can access via the gear.

If you are going to add one or two more users to SRXP, we would suggest you to click on 'New user'. A screen will pop up where you can fill in all the details of the users. 

Click on 'save' to add the user and you will see a screen with:
'You have just added "xxxxx", do you want to send this person an activation e-mail?'
If you click 'Yes' an email will be send with an activation link to the new user. If you click 'No' you still need to send the activation email to the new user. Than the user isn't able to use his/her account.

If you would like to add a larger number of users at once, we suggest you to import the users.