How do I add an expense to the app?

How to add an expense step by step

The screenshots used in this article are from an Android phone.
You can add an expense via multiple ways if you work with the app.
Click on one of the following options:

If you click the camera symbol: The camera will open and you will be able to make a picture of your receipt, after making the picture you need to fill in a few fields.
If you click 'Create a new expense': you will see fields you need to fill in
If you click on '+': you will see fields you need to fill in

If you make a picture make sure the date and the amount are visible on the picture. Please also include the other mandatory information your company gave during the instructions on SRXP.

  • Capture receipt: if you did not already take a picture of the receipt, this is where you click to make one.
    Would you like to add multiple attachments? Read the following article to know how
  • Date: the date of the expense. It will always take the date of when you add the expense
  • Category: this is a mandatory field, please fill in the category that matches your expense best. If you are not sure, ask your SRXP administrator. Contact details can be found at the '?' symbol in the portal.
  • Country: synchronizes with your location (if you allow this). Otherwise the country will be your last chosen country
  • Currency: synchronizes with the chosen country
  • Amount: fill in the amount of the receipt
    Would you like to divide the amount? Please read the following article
  • VAT: fill in the VAT that shows on the receipt. If you are not sure what to fill in, you can choose 0%.
  • Payment method: fill in the payment method you used for this expense
  • Vendor: fill in the vendor (optional)
  • Description: fill in the description if necessary (optional)

Click on 'Save' and you have successfully added the expense to your inbox!
Be aware: the expense has not been submitted yet! You just added it to your inbox.
Your expense inbox functions as a digital wallet where you keep your receipts. 

Did you add a cash expense? You need to add the expense to a report and submit the report. Read in the following article how you add your expenses to a report.
Did you add a credit card expense and will this expense get matched with a transaction? Just leave the expense in the inbox.
Did your expense not match with the transaction? Read the following article why not.