How can I set an (additional) Approver(s) for a Submitter?

You want to set (an additional) Approver(s) for a Submitter, but how?

You want to set (an additional) Approver(s) for a Submitter. You need to have the Administrator (gear) right to make changes in the user accounts.

  • Go to the Admin Panel (gear)
  • Click on 'Users'
  • Search for the Submitter via the search bar
  • Click on the eye
  • Scroll down to the Approval Policy

Here you will see the Approval Settings for this user:

You can either choose to assign a specific Approver or the Submitter can choose an Approver by him or herself. He/She can choose from all the users who have the Approval rights. The order of the Approvers is always from top to bottom. The Approver mentioned above will be the first Approver. When he/she approves the report, it will be send to the next Approver.

How to set an additional Approver:

  • Click on '+ Add Stage'
  • Make a choice of the two options:
    1. Assign an Approver > Select the Approver from the dropdown
    2. Choose Approver > You don't have to choose an Approver, the submitter has to choose an Approver by him/herself.
  • Click 'Save'

From this moment onwards, all the reports which will be submitted by this user will be send to the first approver and after the report has been approved, it will be sent to the second approver etc.

Would you like to set additional Approvers for more users at once? 

Use the import button. Write the Approvers in the CSV files with an '&' symbol inbetween. Always write the full names of the Approvers and make sure they have the Approval right in SRXP. Example: Hanna Visser & Naomi Bonnet. In this article you can read how you can import users easily. (Tip: Download a CSV from the users overview first where there already two approvers are set and edit the file accordingly).

Do you want to add an additional Approver based on a specific value? 

Use the Business Rules. Read it here.