How can I deactivate the crop function of the app?

I would like to deactivate the automatic crop functionality of the mobile application.

Our mobile application will automatically try to crop your image while you are taking a picture of your receipt. Sometimes it can take a few seconds. Do you want to deactivate this function? No worries. You can either decide to deactivate this option temporarily or deactivate it as default.

  • I would like to temporarily deactivate the cropping option while taking a picture

While taking a picture of the receipt, you'll see the cropping icon:

There are three options:

  1. Crop icon (see icon above) with an A: This means that we will automatically try to crop the receipt while taking a picture (please see picture below).
  2. Crop icon without an A: This means that you can crop the receipt manually by yourself after you took a picture of the receipt.
  3. Grey faded crop icon : The cropping won't be applied at all.

You can change between those options by clicking on the crop icon.

  • I would like to deactivate the cropping option as default

The default camera has been deactivated due to the cropping functionality. You need to activate the system camera to be able to deactivate the cropping. There is a difference how to enable the system camera between Android and iOS devices:


  • Open the SRXP app
  • Go to the menu
  • Click on 'Settings'
  • Activate the System Camera


  • Open the general phone settings
  • Scroll down to your apps
  • Select 'SRXP'
  • Activate the System Camera